Single: Christian Linsey – Endless Summer

“Endless Summer is the first single from Christian Linsey’s third album. It’s a hazy, nostalgic, spiritual journey with sounds reminiscent of artists like Rainer Maria, Bright Eyes, and Pinegrove. It all begins quietly with nostalgic introspection enveloped by dreampop and shoegaze guitars, climaxing with a raucous ending that wouldn’t be out of place on an Arcade Fire record.”

“After all the alcohol evaporates, the blue is gone, the only sound, the crashing of the waves”

We have covered Christian LInsey’s music before through our amazing writer:

I’m not as skilled a writer as M.A Welsh, so I can’t do justice to Christian’s music like they did, but I’ve been really enjoying this recent single from the musician. I absolutely loved the way it transitioned from slower, mellow, dreamy indie rock to heavier, yet still dreamy shoegaze. The contrast in the song was so captivating, and Christian’s voice complemented the song beautifully. It feels like the perfect soundtrack for these scorching summer months. This song seems to perfectly capture my current mood, especially when I’m sipping on a cold brew and finding solace in the comfort of my window blinds. I also appreciated the reference to Arcade Fire which I used to listen to a lot.

Written by Filip Zemcik

P.S.: Cover art photograph taken D. Catalano.