SINGLE: Rose Brokenshire – When I Grow Up

‘Define my fate, play the game’

Rose Brokenshire keeps busy fighting wild fires in rural Canada when she is not pouring her heart and soul into soulful and melancholic indie pop ballads.

Her new single ‘When I Grow Up’ is a single taken from a new EP that I believe is due out very soon. It is delightfully hypnotic, churning away like a weary train pulling out of a station somewhere nestled in the mountains. The hum of soft synths paired with her wistful swoon conjures Sharon Van Etten and the like. The beat is tasteful in its minimalism and although this is a lush and textured song, it never feels overcrowded, even as the many layers pile up as it progresses.

From the artist – Some people see me as calm and cool but I am also an anxious people pleaser. The point in time where I wrote this, I was recognizing for the first time that if I continued to fit myself into other peoples lives and sacrifice my own values in order to make them happy I would end up giving up everything. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt those I care about, but sometimes it is necessary if your own integrity is at stake.