Single: Margot & the Midnight Tenants – Dust in Space

“With music and lyrics by band leader, Margot Bennett, “Dust in Space” is the direct result of Bennett’s fascination with the maligned historical queen, herself, Marie Antoinette. The song imagines Marie Antoinette’s final thoughts as she waits in prison for her execution. “Dust in Space” was produced by David Baron, of Sun Mountain Studios (Matt Maeson, Bat for Lashes, The Lumineers, Darren Kiely), and features Noga Davidson on bass and vocals, Daniel Bloch on drums, Omer Berger on guitars, Micha Gilad and David Baron on synths, and lead vocals by Margot.”

I don’t care what the people say
Throw it down into the fiery blaze
What if time is just a phase?
You and I will fly from grace

The beginning of this song is absolutely enchanting with its beautifully mesmerizing vocals and captivating melody. The craft and artistry behind the song’s dreamy alternative pop style made it incredibly immersive. The addition of second vocals and the gradual build-up throughout the song added an extra layer of mesmerizing allure. Listening to the song, I could vividly picture myself running through a mystical forest, with a dreamy haze emanating from the trees. I found myself repeatedly revisiting this song because of how much I enjoyed its magical atmosphere.

Written by Filip Zemcik