Video: GL James – She Said

This is a lovely little slice of bedroom pop, propelled by driving, almost funk-inflected guitars – jagged, angular but sun-kissed in tone too. This is an undeniably sweet-sounding thing. The bass does lovely runs up and down and gives buoyancy and a sense of rhythmic exuberance to the hypnotic pop clatter GL James has crafted here. 

There is absolutely no build up, no setting the tonal scene- this just fires off with that unrelenting, pulsing urgency that is the song’s central identity. The lyrics are unambiguous and the melody deliberately direct but not without pop-indebted, earworm-worthy addictiveness – especially when those multi-tracked vocals rise on the repeated chorus. Ostensibly about an imploding relationship and all of the tangled feelings of confusion, sadness and anger that such things provoke, the sound world offered though feels far from the darkness that such things could suggest.  There is light dancing upon the song’s surface. 

It ends as abruptly as it begins but in its few minutes paints a lovely little picture of a pop-frothed mind at play. She Said is streaming now.

Written by M.A Welsh (Misophone)

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