Single: Soot Sprite – I Went Swimming

“A song about recognising a red flag in your relationship and emotionally shutting down to that person and cutting things off. Some people describe this as getting “the ick” but that feels like a trivial term. Sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes and protect ourselves and that’s exactly what this is about.” – Songwriter Elise Cook

I recently came across a new single from an upcoming 7″ release on Specialist Subject Records and it’s really caught my attention. I want to highlight the fact that releasing 7″ records is quite unusual these days due to the higher production costs compared to 12″ records, but I really respect Specialist Subject Records for taking this bold step. The new single features energetic shoegaze indie rock with captivating female-fronted vocals that add a delightful touch to the music. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the powerful drive created by the guitars and the raw energy that the song brings. I can easily visualize this track being a showstopper in a live performance.

Written by Filip Zemcik