Single: Langkamer – Richard E Grant

The lead single from the Bristol-based band’s latest, (and almost self-titled) album (out on September 14th), Richard E Grant is a driving, hook-laden delight, one rich in production precision; but Langkamer, relentlessly prolific as they are, haven’t lost any of their previously documented insouciant charm here- this is a wry, swinging slice of slacker mellifluousness, but one with a surprising emotional weight (that it albeit carries lightly),  and is very much worth becoming acquainted with. 

Silver Jews feels like a natural reference point here in the song’s deadpan, dissecting lyricisms but this has more than enough of its own appeal to stand apart as an enticing opening salvo to their new long player. Previous releases have already proven they possess a magic of their very own and I’m sure this will be no exception. The melody is sleepy and the vocals never really rise above the deliberately understated – but it all works a treat. There’s a jagged sway to the guitars that really powers the whole thing forward despite its soporific delivery and moments of deft musicianship break the rhythmic drive – providing alternative sonic textures to lure you in further. Those guitars allow the faintest hint of a country-rock twang to tiptoe in towards the song’s conclusion – shining a light on the group’s disparate influences. It’s bloody great! This lot really do know what they are up to- it was worth taking the extra time to get this just right. 

Richard E Grant is a potent mission statement that makes its presence felt clear and true. I look forward to the album when it arrives in September: you should too. 

Written by M.A Welsh (Misophone) 

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