Single: Too Many Suns x Surma – 1974

Reverie: a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

“Reverie” is where you can hear the dreamy voice of Surma praising freedom in “1974” followed by a Sonic Youth blazing art rock tribute in “Kim Gordon”. Where the jazzy vocals of Beatriz Nunes draw a pure pop song in “Take Me Home” and meet the beautiful Nepalese Bansuri of Sunil Pariyar in “C’mon” psychedelic mantra, while the youth of debutant artist So enchants “Gold” for the first time.

Fasten your seatbelts for the new ride Too Many Suns present you, in which raging and conceptual indie rock mix with the sweetest pop songs, glued together in a dreamy sonic world.

1974, featuring Surma and accompanied by a Videoclip, talks about two lovers that live the Portuguese revolution in 1974 (that ended a 50 year old dictatorship), and start to envision everything that may change in their future. A necessary allegory in times of intolerance and uncertainty, but also of hope and the need for change.

This is a song from the final submission of Portuguese indie dream rockers Too Many Suns, a band we’ve previously featured on our blog. I thoroughly enjoyed the singles they shared with us, all of which can be found on their latest album. The album, released just before summer, is filled with dreamy, jangly, surfy, summery vibes that are much needed right now.

Too Many Suns has a way of creating indie rock that effortlessly resonates with listeners and uplifts their mood. Despite the fact that the latest single addresses a powerful and non-summery topic, it serves as an important reminder that summer is near. If you’re in search of some great sunny music, I highly recommend giving the entire album a listen to discover it for yourself

Written by Filip Zemcik