95COROLLA is an emo/punk band based out of Nashville, TN. The four piece recently released the energetic track “PLANTER” as the final single in anticipation of their debut album LONG TIME LISTENER/FIRST TIME CALLER available May 31st. The album is truly remarkable, track-for-track, including polished pacing, artful transitions, and commanding, relatable lyrics backed by a high-powered band. As a whole, LONG TIME LISTENER/FIRST TIME CALLER is very reminiscent of early to mid 2000s era emo music, particularly reminding me of bands such as Thursday and Taking Back Sunday.

The first song, “LONG TIME LISTENER,” opens like a spoken confession that builds in emotion before flowing directly into the second track and leaving me with chills. From here, the album picks up in energy, just letting you catch your breath with an interlude before the blistering middle tracks “NOTHNXLOL” and “CALAMITY” pack two of the hardest punches on the album. As the album begins to approach its end, the stand-out acoustic song “THE NIGHTSTAND” slows things down one more time, engrossing listeners in the recital of summer love and all of the emotions that come with its arc.

The final track, “FIRST TIME CALLER,” perfectly ties the album together, both sonically and conceptually, calling back to the beginning and ending with a dial tone for a disconnected number. When the final note ended, this was an album that left me sitting in awe, processing the emotions the album takes you through. Wanting to feel it again, I immediately turned the album on back to the first track.

Check out 95COROLLA’s album LONG TIME LISTENER/FIRST TIME CALLER on May 31, releasing under We’re Trying Records, and follow them on Instagram @95corollasucks, Twitter @95corolla, and Bandcamp to stay up to date on releases, tour dates, and grab some merch!

Written by Kaitlyn Boykin