Single: Hillsboro – Leaving

Leaving is Hillsboro’s next single ahead of their debut LP, due September 15, 2023. In support of the album, the band will embark on a tour of the west-coast United States. The tour will run September 14th-29th and is bookended by hometown shows in Victoria and Vancouver.

In the band’s new single, Leaving, Walker’s misty-eyed vocal is set against droning guitars and driving bass. The track is accompanied by the band’s strongest visual offering to date, an acid-dipped video with nods to the likes of Drugstore Cowboy. Leaving was the first song to be written for Hillsboro’s upcoming LP. In it, Walker expresses the pain of watching loved-ones dismantle themselves, getting caught in his own emaciating cycle and bargaining for moral recognition. All while scrambling to avoid being found out.

This fall the band will take their cathartic live shows to new audiences, playing along the west-coast of North America.

Hillsboro’s sound is raw – marrying bone-buzzing distortion, haunting violin bowman-ship, an infectious rhythm section and dynamic vocals flowing in and out with the energy of the sum. Textured instrumental breaks develop each tune’s vivid scene, and are met by tragic lyrics of love and longing. The group has been lauded as the best live act in their local scene (The Zone 91.3) and they thrive in live settings. With nods to bands such as Deftones, American Football, and The Strokes, Hillsboro provides an innovative spin on a sound reminiscent of late 90’s alternative music. Whilst only having performed live for a short time, highlights have included opening for Rich Aucoin and Pink Mountaintops as well as debuting on commercial radio as The Zone’s Band of the Month.

This band was sent to me by my friend Samuel (Jackie Trash, Acab Rocky, Melrose). We worked together under Z Tapes and they now play in this band on guitar. I am really enjoying this new single and the whole album is promising to sound great. They will be touring USA and Canada so be sure to catch them if they will be around your city. Hillsboro’s music is feeling a little bit nostalgic and it has some 2000s vibes, which I am really digging. Especially the new single has some great emo vibes I am getting into these months. I will try to share the full album once it will be out, in the meantime check this new single and follow the band’s progress.

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