EP: Sleepygolucky x overunderdog – Sleep Over, Lucky Dog

Sleep Over, Lucky Dog by overunderdog, SleepyGoLucky

Sleepygolucky is an indie artist that blends folksy strings with emo undertones to create a moody, intimate feeling. The project is led by Kiki, a non-binary Iranian-American based in Richmond, Virginia with a background in philosophy. Their music largely draws upon these aspects of their life, intertwining themes inspired by their queer identity, community, and metaphysics to compose gripping lyrics.

Their latest release, titled Sleep Over, Lucky Dog, includes three truly outstanding tracks. The opening song Harvest, one of my personal favorites, reflects upon the- perhaps complimentary- feelings of unease and jubilation brought on by the change of seasons. This is followed by MoNkEyBrAiN with artist overunderdog, which introduces more of an experimental pop influence. The final track Cicada contemplates the passage of time and coping with mortality, providing a strong close to Sleep Over, Lucky Dog.

Equinox Allergies by SleepyGoLucky

Sleepygolucky has a new single, Equinox Allergies, coming May 3rd. This song is the title-track and first single to be released leading up to their upcoming album available July 19th. The highly anticipated album leans into the more experimental approach, mixing aspects of folk and Midwest emo with additional hyper pop influences. Kiki describes Equinox Allergies as “a meditation in time and […] celebration of the new year brought on by spring, the shifts in energy, and activity in the earth’s creatures and plants as the energy rises into the summer.”

Follow them on Twitter @SleepyGoLucky and @sleepygolucky96 on Instagram to stay up to date on future releases and shows. Kiki also plays guitar in the emo band campwerewolf, so be sure to check them out there too.

Written by Kaitlyn Boykin