Single: Deirdre – Only You

“Deirdre, the musical alias of Joakim Johnsen, is a Copenhagen-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Drawing influence from 90’s slacker-rock, emo, grunge and shoegaze combined with a contemporary – experimental, layered and electronically manipulated – take on folk-rock/singer-songwriter, Deirdre (named after a tragic heroine in Irish folklore) creates boundary-pushing, melodic and intimate modern indie rock for the present day. With a warm and confessional – yet sometimes slightly absurdist, wry and detached – tone of voice, Johnsen’s lyrics offer unfiltered and immediate everyday observations comprising unique personal perspectives on otherwise familiar feelings such as longing, loneliness and doubt. Inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Alex G, Built to Spill and Elvis Depressedly, Deirdre’s debut-album, “Heart Work,” is set to be released November 2023 on Pink Cotton Candy Records. Definitely an emerging artist to watch from the thriving Danish alt-rock scene!”

Here is an introduction to the artist and here is a little info about the song:

“Only You” is the first single from Deirdre’s upcoming debut album, “Heart Work”. A mid-tempo slacker ballad (remember chansons balladées were originally dance songs!), the track combines 90’s college rock/emo (and a hint of power pop) with a contemporary pop production – inspired, perhaps, by the likes of Alex G and Elvis Depressedly, while forging his own path – dealing with the overall theme of post-breakup anxiety. With saturated crispy drums and chorus-y (or heavily distorted!) electric guitars, dynamic melodic basslines, slightly synthetic yet upfront vocals and shimmering acoustic guitars, “Only You” transmits a vibrant and vitalizing energy while emphasizing emotional vulnerability and a strong desire for intimacy. The lyrics seem to convey a sense of longing, insecurity, and a yearning for a genuine connection – feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and isolation – while the music, on the other hand, remains therapeutically hopeful, lush, and bright. “Only You” is a gorgeous and catchy first single from Deirdre.

I always love sharing bios in a whole so you can read it for yourself. It would be a waste of the author’s work to rewrite it.

I have been sharing less music from Europe, especially Denmark and I am so happy to share with you this slacker indie rock project of the Joakim. Especially the fact he is inspired by my favorite artists Alex G and Elvis Depressedly, which have influenced my music taste and everything I do music-related the most. I do not know Joakim yet, but I would love to be friends with him. I miss having offline friends I can talk to about music I like. The reason for this blog is to have this kinda of talk, but it is just one way. It feels like talking to myself, but I think that is what defines music blogging. The social platforms are dead and useless, so the only output I really care about is this blog and private chats with my e-friends.

But enough of my rambling, play this song, because a) it is great b) the video is great c) you should listen to more European artists in general.

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