Single: Ranger – Together

“Ranger is an independent Soft Rock/Soul band headed by guitarist and singer/songwriter Shane Ranger. Inspired by bands like Bahamas and The Dip, Ranger offers smooth, uncluttered melodies, and thoughtful, textural instrumentation. Addressing themes such as love and forgiveness, Ranger delivers emotional resonance and love-sick sincerity.

Shane Ranger has been a hired gun/studio musician for the past 6 years working with Victoria-based bands such as – but not limited to – The Miles Skye Club, The Dough Boys, SAVARD, and Apex Breaks. Throughout that time, he had been writing, building and perfecting the stylings of his own personal project, culminating in the releasing his 2021 solo instrumental EP titled “The Light Of Day”. Expanding his approach, he created Ranger from relationships already formed through past musical connections, including Emily Ross on additional vocals, guitar; Latham Reader on bass, and Scott Sparrow on drums.

A little bit of introduction to the band and here is a blurb about the song:

A song written about the hardships of maintaining a long term relationship. Written and recorded on our Western Canadian tour in April of 2023.”

I have been enjoying sharing music from Canada on my blog from the beginning and I am still excited to bring you new and new bands/artists. This time it is a slowcore indie rock band making some chill music that will just work a bandaid on your speedy mind and busy life. You can close your eyes and just let yourself flow to the rhythm and you disappear from the world for a while. An enjoyable track with such a beautiful atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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