Single: Billy Bonbon – PARADISE

Billy bonbon is a pop dream garage group born out of confinement. Halfway between Castlebeat, Surf Curse and Beach Fossils, sprinkled with colored pencils and micro machines, their music tells us about the importance of the little things in life of life with lightness and fun.

The latest track that I stumbled upon has been an absolute delight to my senses. It’s a perfect blend of upbeat and dreamy vibes that have been lifting my mood lately. The catchy tune has got me hooked, but it’s not your typical boring pop song. This fresh indie pop from France has a unique dreamy feel to it that is hard to resist. I particularly enjoyed the jangly vibe of the guitar and the overall lo-fi atmosphere of the song that transports me to a peaceful state of mind. Listening to this track makes me crave for more sunshine, beckoning the end of winter and the arrival of spring. I can’t wait to feel the warmth not only on my face but also in my ears with more such soulful tracks.

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