Single: Dungeon Item – Scuba

Dungeon Item’s newest single, “Scuba”, is full of gorgeous synth and chiptune melodies that compliment the vocals and lyrics, all coming together to create a veritable journey for one’s ears, heart, and mind.

In “Scuba”, Dungeon Item sings about feeling like there’s something wrong with him that will “never get fixed”. He sings about wanting to be “put under” and that he feels like a ghost. These lyrics, when combined with the almost ethereal synths, tell a compelling story. We’re given a look into Dungeon Item’s inner thoughts in a big way – he sings about wanting to “pour his soul out” and that “they hid the glue and tape” that he might’ve used to fix whatever he felt was wrong with him. 

“Scuba” is a masterpiece graciously given to the world by an artist that is worth watching out for.

Written by Valor

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