Video: Fireball Kid – Bummed Out

Fireball Kid is about pairing rowdy Maritime kitchen-party values with emotional vulnerability to make for celebratory, cathartic Party-Pop anthems that border on dorky earnest overload. The qualities that make music for a kitchen party or a sloppy cab ride to the bar so easily dismissable are what allow it to sneak up on you and grab you by the heart while your guard is down. I want to invoke the moments of honesty and intimacy between people during a night out that spark life altering bonds and memories! It’s about seeking uninhibited joy and love through the time spent with the people around you.

This Canadian alt-pop artist has also just released a new album:

“The album speaks to the intrinsic kindness and emotional vulnerability of the rowdy Maritime (or broader rural Canadian) kitchen-party and its ‘let’s fuckin’ go bud!’ attitude,” said Fireball Kid’s Colin Ratchford (he/him). “Having grown up in New Brunswick and moved to Montreal, I wanted to combine the instant kindness and good-times attitude of home with the seemingly endless potential for joy and celebration of the city I’ve adopted.”

“From the ghosts you encounter at a lakeside skinny dip or driving on a highway or smoking out back at a party, there’s so much real magic in moments that can be dismissed as like, getting hammered on the weekend,” Ratchford said. “When else do we feel so close to one another? When else are we making confessions and laughing so hard we fall over?”

I am not usually sharing pop on my blog, but this one got me somehow. It is catchy, it is fresh, and it has everything that makes a good pop. I think it will be getting a really nice recognition in the future. It is playful, full of energy, and just perfect for your summer playlist for your friends that are listening to mainstream pop and want to hear something fresh that is not that boring. I bet they will be mowing their hips to the melody without noticing. What a nice summer party album.

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