Introducing: A Day Without Love – Tour is Not a Road Trip & 3 Questions

“4 Song EP on the lifestyle of touring and playing shows in Underground Communities.”

I discovered Brian’s music (A Day Without Love) through Twitter and we even did together a podcast episode. I have been really appreciative of everything he is doing. If you have been looking for some inspiration on how to do music, touring, or anything a good DIY artist should do, he is to go, guy. I love how much energy he is putting into his music and connecting with people. It feels so inspiring. He is doing some touring, you can find dates on Bandcamp. The EP is a story itself about being a DIY artist, it is full of energy and honesty. It has vibes of folk, punk, and indie rock, with great songwriting and guitars.

Also, the last song Home on the Highway is my favorite one which also has a really nice short animated video:

If there was only one artist you should really follow on social media, I would tell you that Brian is a great choice. You can do it on Twitter or Instagram. He is working on a new album which should be out later this year and this EP is a good sneak peek into how great it will be. I am really looking forward to hearing it in full once it is out. I will do my best to share it on this blog as well. In the meantime enjoy this EP and support Brian. He deserves it.

I have also asked Brian our 3 questions:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I was inspired to share my life story and my experiences with struggling to fit in and finding a way to use music as a vehicle to give hope to the hopeless and misunderstood

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

I would say that being accepted and finances have been my biggest challenges and trying to find a way to accept myself and have faith has been a challenge. Riding on the road with five to ten dollar budgets is not easy.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

Have my music heard in films, tv, tour internationally and write records and make documentaries

You can support Brian on Bandcamp or check his website.