Album: jrdn alexander – SAMSON

I can’t remember where I discovered this album, but probably it was on some social network. I have sometimes blank spaces in my mind about how I end up having albums bookmarked. I am all the time overwhelmed with new music, so it is hard to keep track.

On Spotify, there is this short bio:

“Jordan Alexander (jrdn alexander.) is an alternative producer and multimedia artist from Baltimore, MD.”

On Bandcamp, I discovered that it was released on cassettes (yes!) and also a little bit more about the album:

SAMSON features eight audibly explosive tracks. All of which flaunts roaring basslines, haunting melodies, low-end guitar riffs, and distant drums that blanket lyrics questioning and or challenging the reality of everyday emotions.

“A clock sits on the wall, it lost its sense of time; He wonders where he’s gone and how to get back; When all his faith is gone, he swallows all his pride, and listens to the faucet he calls his mind.” [Lyrics from “Faucet”]

Find a comfortable spot in your mind and/or physical world to prepare yourself for a short trip through the joyfully melancholic world of jrdn alexander’s, SAMSON.

The album is full of energy. It is a mixture of dreamgaze, post-punk, synth-punk, or whatever you prefer to call this genre. It is lo-fi, it is catchy, and it is a good album. It was really fun to listen to the album and enjoy it. Now you can do it too and do not forget to get the cassette.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.