Single: Trauma Glow – 30`

Trauma Glow’s debut single “30” explores the profound journey of moving beyond the shackles of the past, yet it poignantly acknowledges that certain memories and images linger, etching themselves forever within the recesses of one’s mind. Through introspective lyrics, cathartic guitar riffs, and hauntingly emotive vocals, “30” encapsulates the band’s ability to capture the bittersweet essence of human experience.

I discovered this band because they are going to play a show with two bands I shared: Eversame and Laundromat Chicks. The show will be in Bratislava and this is the event. I am really looking forward to it, because to be honest, I cannot remember a show where three bands were featured on my blog. This fresh grunge rock from Vienna, Austria is definitely a really interesting discovery and I am looking forward to listen more from them in the future. It reminds me a little bit of Gulfer, another great band from Canada.

You can find follow the band on Spotify or Bandcamp.