Album: Laundromat Chicks – Lightning Trails

After their debut “Trouble”, LAUNDROMAT CHICKS present a new album that touches on much quieter tones. “Lightning Trails”, which 19-year-old band mastermind Tobias Hammermüller produced with Martin Rupp (Jansky), has become a folky manifesto for the quiet nuances that we desperately need.

This is a message received with this submission, specifically a track called Never Return. I have not been receiving a lot of submissions from neighboring countries. I am always paying more attention whenever they are Polish, Czech, Austrian, Hungarian, or even Ukrainian bands. This time it is a Vienna-based band making jangle dreamy indie pop tunes. I am sharing the full album as I quite enjoyed it and I think it is definitely worth checking out. I am always eager to discover new “local” artists so I can possibly see them play a show. I have been dreaming of organizing shows on a regular basis, but I have no more capacity and I made peace with that, just it always comes back whenever I make a post like this one. I recommend you start listening to the album from the first track and give it a full spin. As always, albums were meant to be listened to from the first song to the last. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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