EP: KROOKS – Count Your Lucky Stars

Released on March 14, 2024, KROOKS’ latest EP, Count Your Lucky Stars, is an incredible work of art that packs a punch, tugs hard on one’s heart strings, and completely captivates listeners with its powerful, hard-hitting sounds and relatable, poetic, and fun lyricism and vocals. 

My favorite from the EP, “Younger”, is the first track of the EP and starts off with a gorgeous, crunchy yet twinkly riff that then transitions into a strong, rhythmic backing guitar that leads in the vocals. The vocals alone are striking, and the lyricism and cadence of the words help build onto the vocal melody in a powerful way. I love “Younger” so much, so deeply, and I am so thrilled to have been introduced to it and “Younger” has made a perfect addition to playlists.

Another song from Count Your Lucky Stars that I loved was “Superbloom”. I adore the chunky riffs and the almost dreamy way that the vocals are sung. The powerful, lower rhythmic backing guitar that comes in next ties together the sounds perfectly and my favorite part of “Superblood” is when it comes in for the second time at the chorus/second section of the song. Another part of “Superbloom” that I just can’t get enough of is when the lyrics “My mind is spinnin’ round (and round, and round) again” are sung in the chorus. That set of lyrics, combined with the energetic backing guitar is extremely catchy and I am completely confident that “Superbloom” is destined to be an earworm forever. KROOKS’ Count Your Lucky Stars is an incredible, fantastic release that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Getting introduced to KROOKS was a blessing that I only recognized upon blaring “Younger” through my car’s speakers – KROOKS opened up their hearts, minds, and souls to us with Count Your Lucky Stars, and this EP feels like a gift to my ears and heart, and it’s a gift that I receive every time I listen to it.

Written by Valor