Single: Alex Sanders – alone

“The track features a nice guitar riff, laidback drums, and some catchy melodies. I am very excited about this song and hope you can find something within it for yourself, thank you so much for listening!”

I have received two submissions from this artist, one was for the single above and the second one was for the older album below. The new single is more upbeat catchier lo-fi rock, but I am enjoying the more melancholic album share below. I recommend you to check both releases as they are nice lo-fi rock music.

I am enjoying the atmosphere the song brings, Alex’s voice is also really nice, and I like its color quite a bit. I also enjoy the progress in his music when I compare the old album with the new song. I like to track the development of artists from one album to the next single or album. To be honest, in this case, I am struggling to decide what I enjoy more, but I think all these songs are worth checking out. You can find more music on Spotify.