Single: Whirle – What She Thinks She Knows

Whirle is the post-punk, shoegaze dreamscape idealized by producer Matheus Nascimento (Slowaves, Lowne). Taking inspiration from icons of the scene like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, The Stone Roses, and Sonic Youth, Whirle attempts to drown the entirety of the available soundscape with noise anchored in catchy, memorable melodies.

Whirle’s debut single What She Thinks She Knows, to be released on April 24th, illustrates the project’s token reverb-drenched guitars and dark, swimming vocals, creating a piercing, explosive, and fully saturated listening experience.

In the brief message we received along with the submission, there was no mention of the artist’s origin. However, upon further research, I discovered that the artist hails from Brazil. It’s always a pleasure to uncover talented musicians from different corners of the world.

The artist’s latest track is a captivating blend of post-punk and shoegaze with a dreamy undertone. The mesmerizing atmosphere it creates is simply spellbinding. As I listen to the track, I find myself getting lost in the music, especially the drenched reverb guitars. The overall effect is nothing short of breathtaking.