Single: SLEEP CLUB – It’s Not So Bad All Alone

SLEEP CLUB, the solo project of songwriter Matt Jones (SLEEP CLUB, The High Lines), aims to capture the hazy, rose colored and surreal essence of memories and daydreams. “It’s Not So Bad All Alone”, released April 26th and the name SLEEP CLUB, were created after a prolonged stint of insomnia. Matt wanted to record a song that felt like the dazed state of mind he found himself immersed in after such little sleep as he daydreamed about a person that was just a bit too good to be true.

As I was contemplating the ideal playlist for this song, my mind was drawn towards dream pop, shoegaze, and slowcore. However, after much deliberation, I ultimately chose to place it in the slowcore category. This decision was primarily influenced by the song’s perfect blend of genres that are currently a significant part of our blog and cassette label. I am elated to have come across another fantastic band that perfectly captures the essence of these genres and has completely captivated me. Without a doubt, I will be listening to this track on a loop, completely lost in its mesmerizing melodies.