Single: My Best Unbeaten Brother – Time on Our Hands, Spider-Man

“Lead single from the debut mini-album by My Best Unbeaten Brother, released via Audio Antihero. Three men from Croydon. Former Nosferatu D2 / Superman Revenge Squad / Tempertwig / The Jonbarr Hinge.”

“This is about: being a father and being a son, passing on memories of years and years of processing stuff and turning it into landfill indie, how we all need a Spider-Man or a Superman and how this doesn’t change the older you get, trying to be the Spider-Man/Superman figure for someone.” – Ben Parker (Guitar / Vocals)

In January, we introduced you to a band that has made a comeback with their mini debut album, and now they are releasing their first single from it. The song is a blend of angsty lo-fi post-whatever rock that has a distinctive sound reminiscent of the older British post-punk scene. This genre has always been known for its unique energy that is difficult to find anywhere else. The single is a bold statement that sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is scheduled to be released later in June by none other than my favorite people at Audio Antihero. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented band and their mini debut album [I love this phrase a lot!].

Written by Filip Zemčík