Album: Eversame – tell me where the flowers are

Finally sharing a new band from Slovakia with English texts, so you can enjoy it. This is a bio from Spotify:

Eversame is a 4 piece band based in Žilina, Slovakia. At first, it started as a grunge trio in 2018. The members changed over the years, but the biggest change came with the bass player – now guitar player in late 2020 and a new singer in 2022. The genre changed and the members switched instruments – Matthew on guitar, Mark on drums, Richard on bass and Pauline on vocals.

Their music tastes are very different. Because of that, they combine elements from jazz, shoegaze, indie rock, hip-hop, blues, midwest emo, slowcore, math rock, alternative rock and a lot more. With that, they create music with unusual compositions, time signatures and surprising riffs and grooves.

Eversames first single we should have our last dance came out on the 16th of October 2022. It was recorded on one mic in their rehearsal room on an ironing board in August 2022, mixed by their guitar player Matthew.

Their debut album tell me where the flowers are was recorded in 5 days in a studio that’s a theater. It doesn’t sound the same as their single. The riffs and grooves have improved and are now more experimental and the vocals are more confident and out of the comfort zone. It was also profesionally mixed.

Overall, Eversame isn’t such a serious band as their music might imply. Although they take music and their career seriously. They perform concerts in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They interact with the crowd and engage them into the shows.

This is a nice introduction to the band, so I need to write anything more than just say I am glad we have talented young bands. I am enjoying the grungy vibes, math-rock vibes, and all other different genres. I am really enjoying the well-crafted melodies and it is quite refreshing to hear this kind of music coming from Slovakia and not the US Midwest. They are playing a show with Laundromat Chicks in Bratislava and I am planning to attend it. You can find the event here, it will be my first show after a while. I am really looking forward to leaving my laptop behind and experiencing some live music.

You can find the band on Spotify.

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