Single: Jane Remover – Contingency Song

Chaos – this is where it all begins. Just after we are born, we start to learn, knowing nothing. Isn’t that strange? Life can teach us that any process, any decision could be a path to something great, something we belong to – change.

This song takes me on a dream about moving out of chaos, to a place where I can contemplate what life is and realize that the time I have just spent holds the answers. How beautiful it is to experience time through such songs. When you’re worried about the future and you know that you have to leave the past as it is.

Even if we are lost, even if we are scared of change… this is how life works. Starting with strange noises, we can feel lost, not knowing where it leads. But in a moment, a beautiful landscape looms over the horizon, accompanied by vocals that capture precious moments.

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Written by Ben Dominik