Single: Too Many Suns x So – Gold

Too Many Suns are dreamy indie rockers from Lisbon, Portugal. Here is an introduction to the band:

“In the beginning of 2018, two friends, Hugo Hugon (voice/guitar) and João Cardoso (Drums), joined together to make some music. Shortly after Too Many Suns were born. The seed was planted in a diy-studio in the heart of Lisbon, where they created the five songs of their first EP: “Garden”, produced with Gonçalo Formiga from Cave Story.

Already with Vasco Rato (bass), the band’s first LP was recorded and produced by Miguel Vilhena at Pontiaq Records, and released in October 2020 in digital and K7 formats. An album that lives by the contrast between light and shadows, from intimate folk to dreamy pop and reverberating noise.

The year 2021 brought a new EP: Quiet. Recorded and produced by André Isidro at DuckTape Melodies, it explores different sound landscapes, rambling through internal voyages that the quietness of that year has allowed.

In 2022, the partnership with Simão Reis (guitar and keys) was born, and with it new sound horizons for the construction of a new album. The songs, created in 2022, will be presented throughout 2023 and 2024, culminating in the second Too Many Suns EP: Reverie. It will be hosted by Reverie Records, a label co-founded by Too Many Suns in 2023, with the aim to edit promising pop and rock independent bands. The first single: Gold, will be the first presented. Recorded at WAAHS studios by Ulpiano Capalbo, it features the brand-new artist So (Sofia Welling).

With performances in the main venues in Portugal, it is with the prospect of new concerts that Too Many Suns intend to present Reverie.

The new single is out and this is what the band has to say about it:

“Gold was forged thinking about loss. The loss that gives us pain but also paves the way to new worlds. Between melancholy and hope, we wanted to depict this transformation in this song, and in that process the voice of So (Sofia Welling) was crucial, allowing us also to find and explore new sonic worlds.”

It has been some time since I shared music from Portugal and I am glad I can share this indie dream rock project. I also tried to search for the label, but I only found an Indian label, which looked a little bit weird. Picking names for a project can be always tricky. The song came out right for the summer vibes I am having these days. Sitting in a chair, swimming in a pool, drinking cold non-alcoholic beer and just enjoying the slower time of the year. I am happy to have another band from Europe making my favorite dreamy tunes. Portugal’s music scene is totally unknown to me and maybe because of the label mentioned above, I will be able to explore it more. That’s why I love labels that can locally curate what is worth checking out.

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