Single: Too Many Suns – My Baby Goodbye

“Anytime we see the news we are faced with dropping bombs, a boiling planet and a destructive economy. However, there are (not so) little things that cannot be taken away from us. My Baby Goodbye is a satire and an essay on how we can thrive and be happy even when the ‘world is going down’. We imagined two lovers in a dim-lighted cosy room having a cup of tea, embracing each other while the world was falling apart just outside the window. Love can be enough even when we’ll have to say goodbye”

I have shared Too Many Suns on my blog before and I quite enjoyed their song. I am glad they are back with a new one that is another catchy dreamy indie pop / slacker indie rock, something that I enjoy so much. These Portuguese dream rockers should be definitely on your radar and you should follow them if you are still looking for some summer, lazy vibes. I am always down for them no matter the season, so you will always find them on this blog. I am so happy to share another great song made in Europe. It makes me supper happy to have bands like this one in the EU.

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