Under #2 – September

A brief introduction to Under

‘Under’ is a new column that will be published at the end of each month. Ten artists will be featured per column, the column will consist of a playlist and haiku dedicated to each track. The aim is to put a spotlight on music that does not get the recognition it deserves.

Hamburger – Agatha

You soft, warm lamplight
In the darkest of all rooms
Are things looking up?

Colin Kennedy – Francis

Coffee eyes burn out
Flickering in the dawn lull
I don’t mind at all

Tonal DriftRho

The sky is ashen
Desert-dry with emptiness
Where’s your astral plain?

Dunebug – Still Dreaming

Canal-side rain storm
A forgotten umbrella
Lies in a puddle

Community Swimming Pool, Tilda Gratton – head in the clouds

Warped VHS smile
Are you this blue when I call
Remembering spring

URGES, mishino – look away

Gnaw through the wiring
There’s a black dog at the gate
No time for goodbyes

Faang Street – Hymn for a New Year

Blood pumps – crescendo
Swells and laps round arteries
As waves kiss the rocks

phoneswithchords – slow release

I see it moving
Nestled under the sea foam
No one goes there now

Mon Nobi – Bee In The Backyard

Past the garden wall
Where daydreams go get buried
You’ve got the shovel

gal pal – Think About Your Crush

Bike path veering off
Undergrowth of tangled leaves
Tied up in the dark

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