EP: frans asthma – wait outside

Close your eyes. Imagine the lights alone in the darkness of the route. The branches of the trees on the side of the road were all welcomed by the wind gently blowing in our direction. Bass lines drive smoothly with consistent and effective drums. Guitars shyly point toward where we find ourselves embraced by a sweet and serene melody, sonically transporting us to a calm and pleasant environment.

That’s kind of feeling I got when I was listening to Frans Asthma. With melancholic tones but not sad at all – the first track “wait outside” – romantically sets the tone for this EP of 4 delicious songs that literally make us embark on a journey through the feelings of a vivid moment with a lot of affection around it. The second track – “don’t go” – it brings a depth vibe and it even reminds me of those 80s vibes but with a touch of the 2000s right in the chest of whoever listens to those beautiful basses riding alongside the guitar. The next one – “fourth of July” – brings the same tune but in a party atmosphere, yes, those of orange afternoons culminating in fireworks during the patriot nights, which closes with “every night”, where it dusks beautifully giving us a nice and short goodnight kiss.

Written by Breno Honorio