Album: Learn Karate – Car Songs

“DIY indie from St. Louis, MO”

Another album that I discovered through one single, particularly Red Car Syndrome, but it made me check out the whole album. I have already shared some songs from this band in the past, so it was a nice treat to discover they have a new album out with 12 slacker, lo-fi rock, and shoegaze tracks. I am enjoying the DIY vibe of the album, it feels like recorded at home, which gives it more authenticity. Also, some songs have really lovely energy like for example the song Bad Night or Window. I bet these songs would be excellently listened to at a house show in some American suburb. I can imagine people dancing to their songs. I am enjoying the various vibes the songs bring and the mixture of the genres. I bet everyone can find their favorite song and just enjoy it. I will give this album another revisit and you should listen to it in full. It was a nice lo-fi indie ride.

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