Filip’s Quick Single Picks: quinnie, Nollsy, Qozy, Anya Van Rose

quinnie – ribbons

“quinnie is a 21 year old folk artist. Writing songs since early childhood, quinnie began making and casually releasing DIY recordings of her music in high school. She attended one year of college, though dropped out after her freshman year and moved to LA to pursue music full time. quinnie’s music is executive produced by her best friend and roommate, Jake Weinberg. The comfort and familiarity of this process provides quinnie’s vulnerable and intimate lyrics a safe place to land, lyrics which are mostly written in the comfort of her own bed with her cat by her side” Opening my quick recommendation with a folk artist that is already signed to a more prominent label, so some of you might have already heard of you. This is her latest single and it is pretty nice. A really gentle indie folk pop. You can find more music on Spotify.

Nollsy – tired

“Inspired by my Australian Indigenous roots and the calming nature of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, I created this track titled ‘tired’. It is a dreamy rhodes-led track with a catchy boom-bap style groove to compliment it.” I am sharing another track that is primarily suitable for our relaxing playlist, but I quite enjoyed it so I am sharing it in our recommendations as well. I am trying to find more music to calm my mind when it is racing and I think there are more and more people needing music as a partial therapy technique. This one has really nice atmosphere and I am quite enjoying how nicely it flows. You can find more music on Spotify.

Qozy – Slumber Party

“Qozy (pronounced cozy) is a producer/songwriter based in San Francisco, California. His music lives in the worlds of avant-pop, funk, and Lo-Fi – think STRFKR meets Jack Stauber. Qozy’s music deals with themes of modernity, existentialism, self depreciation, and the duality of nature & technology.” I listened to this song when I received it a couple of times before I decided to share it. Sometimes I receive songs that have to grow on me before I can make the final decision to share them. This lo-fi avant-pop is creating some really nice vibes that are just floating through my ears. I am enjoying how the melody slowly changes and it feels like the ocean changing its tides. A really interesting track that will grow on you when you give it a chance like I did. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Anya Van Rose – Pretty Please

“Dreamy, confident, unconventional, “Pretty Please” is the first song on Anya’s upcoming record “Lucky Stars.” You can almost smell the pine tree air freshener and bubblegum from the backseat of her limousine as the chorus chimes with a vintage Omnichord and swells with pedal steel. The vocal harmonies that appear in the chorus were layered and recorded with dissonance to mimic the beeping of a car horn along with other sounds that were field recorded from Anya’s car. The “no seatbelt” warning chimes were layered into the track and were pitched to match the key of the song in the 3rd verse. Buckle up!” Wrapping up my quick recommendations with an indie pop/rock track. The guitar melody is quite catchy and I am enjoying the chill, dreamy atmosphere of the song. It kinda fits right into my lazy summer mood when I just want to read books, sip cold drinks and enjoy my days. You can find more music on Spotify.