Single: Helenor – Warm Ways

“Helenor is a world builder. Born in the bedroom of Brooklyn-based visual artist and songwriter David DiAngelis, Helenor is the DIY sonic and visual exploration of DiAngelis’s relationship to metamorphosis, moments of frustrating stasis, and habits (both good and bad). To experience a Helenor track is to be transported to a place where even depression shimmers a bit, where existential questions offer catharsis in lieu of answers, where summer heat permeates year round, and where the clouds carry poetic messages as they roll by for anyone who happens to want to look up.”

This is what DiAngelis says about the debut single from the upcoming album:

“I wrote this song while staying in a two-month sublet in Brooklyn. It was the middle of the summer and it was the thick kind of hot out. The window was too wide for an A/C, and the standing fan just sort pushed hot air at you in a passive aggressive way.

I had just put everything I owned into a storage locker in Boston, besides some clothes, a computer, and a janky nylon string guitar from my grandmother’s house. I spent the morning biking between depressing StreetEasy apartment listings to no avail. I remember just laying on the ground in my underwear because the floorboards felt less evil, and fingerpicking on the guitar. I was reflecting on how old habits were continuing to affect my life, and what being a commitment-phobe can really do to you over time.. I was in the middle of trying to change everything in my life, and the song just sort of fell out.”

Somehow the chorus is getting stuck in my heard:

Warm ways
how do you escape from
having an escape plan?

I can totally relate to hot summer days in the city when everything feels like will melt. I am always admiring people trying their luck in New York. Somehow I am loving that city very much, but could not imagine being there during hot summers as we have in Bratislava. I think this song will be from now resembling hot summer days in New York. I have not been there in the summer, so I just need to imagine it. This indie rock track does not have an upbeat catchy melody, but somehow it is getting me hooked very much. Just try playing it and not getting the chorus line in your head.

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