Single: Helenor – Bad2

“Helenor is a world builder. Born in the bedroom of Brooklyn-based visual artist and songwriter David DiAngelis, Helenor is the DIY sonic and visual exploration of DiAngelis’s relationship to metamorphosis, moments of frustrating stasis, and habits (both good and bad). To experience a Helenor track is to be transported to a place where even depression shimmers a bit, where existential questions offer catharsis in lieu of answers, where summer heat permeates year round, and where the clouds carry poetic messages as they roll by for anyone who happens to want to look up.”

I have written about the previous Helenor single and I really enjoyed it. There is a new single out and I love it even more. This is a little info about the single:

“This is a soundtrack for pretending you have the ability to be present” DiAngelis says of the new single. “Bad2 is a ball and a chain and a weighted walk through a vitamin D soaked summer day.”

Floaty and full of texture, the new single carries the heft of its own subject while still managing to sound completely weightless in its production. Acoustic guitars and a thick beat shuffle alongside a sea of shifting synthesizers. Written and recorded almost entirely in his bedroom, DiAngelis later brought the song to Vishal Nayak (Nick Hakim, Empress Of) to complete the sentence on drums.

I am really enjoying the Alex G-slacker-lo-fi-rock vibe I am getting from this new single and I guess people will love it. There is a new album in plans and I am quite looking forward to hearing it in full once it is out. The Fall is almost here and this song sounds like a right fit for that season. Even though the artist says it is summery Vitamin D, we all need to have some sun in Fall as well.

A really enjoyable single.

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