Single: Glad Sisifus – Sleep Alone

“The song describes the difficulty of a long-distance relationship, where the singer pours his emotions of longing for his partner.”

Glad Sisifus is the solo project of Slovak producer Nathan Mikletič which began in early 2020. Nathan’s always had a huge interest in music which led him to take up playing guitar. He joined several bands but found he could never fully express himself. After many years of failing he began to try writing some songs on his own. He started posting some tunes on SoundCloud he made on his mother’s iPad. After that, he slowly learned to produce complete songs which he eventually shared under the moniker, Glad Sisifus.

The name is inspired by a quote in a book written by Albert Camus. It represents being aware of the hopelessness of life but still striving to find purpose. The songs have a laid back vibe but are still meaningful on a personal level accompanied by dreamy guitars, pop synths, tape saturated vocals, tight drum beats and driving bass.”

I have shared music from Nathan before and I am so excited to share this new track which is such a great summer indie track that reminds me a lot of Candy (Australia), which I released on Z Tapes in the early years (2014). I am so happy for this single as it is made by a local artist and I am enjoying the overall vibe of the song. It is catchy, dreamy summer indie pop and we all love that. Be sure to check out more music from this artist and I hope we will be able to bring you more music in the future.

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