Single: Eye Candy – Don’t mind being alone

“Brooklyn-based Eye Candy is an Indie artist with silver screen dreams who wears naïveté like a badge of honor. The escapist serendipity of new single “Don’t mind being alone” finds, or feigns, comfort in the throes of romantic melancholy, directing glimmers of light at the darkest of corners.”

The music you currently listening to is a perfect blend of dreamy slowcore pop and shoegaze vibes, creating a melancholic atmosphere that just takes me away. The ballad features amazing slacker guitar riffs that add an extra layer of depth to the already mesmerizing melody. I can’t help but close my eyes and let the music fill me up, the emotions evoked by the song are simply overwhelming. The artist behind this masterpiece is based in Brooklyn and has an impressive discography. If you’re enjoying this track, I highly recommend diving deeper into their past releases.

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