Video: Mittere – gone

Before reading anything, watch this beautiful short film.

Then you can read this amazing press release:

Mittere is the musical project of Sydney based Producer / Engineer / Musician, Dan Frizza (King Princess, Tones and I, Turtle Skull, Flyying Colours) and is a cinematic exploration into the world of ambient electronic infused folk music. Mittere showcases Dan’s skill at creating moving soundscapes, whilst utilising noise as an instrument to adapt all facets of his studio and musical knowledge that he has gained over the years in the industry. This multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of his unique sound which combines a reverence for tone and respect for the art of songwriting. Dan wanted to showcase this ambient landscape and feelings it conjures, coupled with a modern sensibility to pop productions and song-writing approaches all melded into one.

Today Mittere shares new track ‘Gone’ and opens up a world of ambient sentimentality, filled with reverberation. On ‘Gone’, Mittere dives back into his childhood and how one small fleeting moment can influence someone’s trajectory in life. Musically it is reminiscent of other ambient heavyweights Washed Out and Sigur Ros, combined with a taste of minimalist psychedelia such as Spacemen 3 in the layered, heavily affected guitars and ethereal, emotive vocals. This single is also accompanied by a breathtaking short film made by Marguerite Lorraine, which follows the emotive and personal narrative of the song. It’s a stunning visual companion to the track that will keep you watching from start to end.

Speaking on the video process Mittere says; “The video process was HUGE! I had a very good friend Maggie (Marguerite Lorraine) whom works in the visual world, help me piece together the concept of the video, put the idea into reality and translate what was in my brain, along with helping tell the story of the song to the viewer and scout the many spots we shot at. It was my first time doing something like this and I thought it would be a relatively simple process but after we began I learned quickly that being a 9 minute long song, we needed enough footage to basically piece together a short film! I think in total we did about 6 days of shooting alone and countless prep, scouting and back and forth throughout. The team I had around me was amazing and I am so grateful to have such amazingly talented and kind people involved in the process. Even borrowing a small dingy from my dad and having him help shoot the video for that day! It was always a dream of mine to put my music to video. I always felt like the stories would be told in a much more direct and fitting way, so to have this piece of art solidified into this video, that I think all involved are super proud of, is a really big win for me.”

The release of ‘Gone’ comes with the announcement of Mittere’s new LP Boy. Reminiscent of 70’s prog albums, each song blends into the next to create an uplifting and immersive cinematic experience like no other. The artwork by renowned illustrator Jamie Browne portrays this in a 3 piece artwork format making for a work of art that will be well displayed on a vinyl record, as seen below. This record being only the beginning of this vision, with another three well formed albums under Mittere’s belt. Mittere plans to release each album in succession of each other every 3-6 months apart starting with this current record, along with Dolby Atmos versions of each song.

Mittere has currently just finished recording and producing an album with the first single ‘Fool’ released on 12th June 2020, which garnered some Australian interest through Sydney radio stations FBi and 2SER, as well as online media Happy Mag. The second single ‘Found’ was released on 11th August 2022, premiering at Europe’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine and receiving praise from Life Without Andy. The third single ‘Gone’ will be released on the 16th of June 2023 along with a short film to accompany the release.

Last my words.

I am not usually sharing short films on this blog, but I love movies and indie movies even more. This video is one of the coolest videos made for a song or a song made for a video? You can choose. The colors, the story, the scenes, the music. Together they are creating something magical. The land looks beautiful and together with the music in the background they are creating a beautiful story. This could be possibly one of my favorite music videos of all time and I get this could be nominated for some awards. I want to be there, I want to stand in the movie, have the music in my ears and just feel the wind, feel the grass, feel the rocks, smell the air, smell the ocean. I have goosebumps right when writing this and I will watch it over and over just to get the full sense of it. Just a magical cinematic (music) moment.

Also, the music on its own is a beautiful ambient dreamgaze song I totally love.

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