Album: Cherub Tree – where are your manners

Based out of Washington D.C., Cherub Tree members Brenna and Ryan pave a new road in the indie scene with their eclectic musical style – combining influences from genres such as punk, folk, grunge, lo-fi, and rock. With acoustic folk-inspired songs like “I Miss”, to more up-tempo indie-rock songs like “Serein”, Cherub Tree’s deep resonant tones are complemented by their soft, somber melodies and poetic, narrative lyrics. On May 12th, 2023, Brenna and Ryan released their debut EP “where are your manners”. By revisiting and fortifying some of their older instrumentals and demos, “where are your manners” showcases the versatility of Cherub Tree in the indie-rock and bubble-grunge community.

You can find this info in their Spotify bio which I also received in the submission from this band. I do not know how it happens but I have been sharing more grungy, garage rock songs these past few days in comparison to last week when it was more dreamy, summer music. I like these changes in genres on my blog, so the palette we are offering is more colorful and more energetic. My favorite singles from the EP are the second single and dreams which are a little bit more dreamy. I just realized this is so funny. I have been naturally always drawn to songs that have dreamier vibes in whatever genre. This 5-track is definitely worth checking out from the beginning to the end. It is a nice collage of songs with different moods and genre influences and it is highly enjoyable.

You can find more on Spotify.