Single: Being Dead – Last Living Buffalo

I have shared recently another single from this band called Daydream and I quite enjoyed it so here is more music from this band that is releasing their music on famous Bayonet Records, home of my beloved Beach Fossils. If you want to read more about the band, head to the Bandcamp page where you can find also information about their newest album soon to be released.

This experimental indie (garage) rock is bringing so much energy and I am loving how the moods are changing throughout the whole track. Somehow I was always surprised by what came next and I have not felt that in a long time with songs. I usually prefer more melodic, predictable songs, but this one was great. I am really enjoying all 3 singles that are already available from the album and will do my best to share the album when it will be out. I have bookmarked it, so now I should not forget.

When I was checking their Bandcamp page I realized I missed one single from their upcoming album and also they have a video for it. You can play it below:

Their music is full of energy and I am happy I can share it on my blog.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.