Video: sunshy – dissolve

“Hi we’re sunshy, a new Asian-American Chicago-based shoegaze duo. This our debut single for MakeOutMusic Records, an LA-based indie label. More info on release here

This is a message I received in the submission and I clicked on the website I love their EPK website that I thought it would be cool to share. Here is info from it for the lazy readers, haha, just kidding:

sunshy is the self-produced project by Sascha Deng and Wesley Park. The duo found one another at their college radio station in Chicago, initially performing in each other’s solo projects Wes Park and luv lee. Their sonic signature blends swirling distorted guitars, lush synthesizers, and enchanting vocals into a catharsis that is best described as ethereal chaos. Lyrically, they find the liminal space between the abstract and the particular, grasping at the intangible experiences of unavoidable isolation, blurred memories, and unspoken desires.

Though sunshy is a relatively new project, the duo has worked together for years developing their sound. As children of Chinese and Korean immigrants in America, they seek to represent their unique experiences in a genre that Western influences have dominated. They have already collaborated on the track ‘On the Train’, initially released February 2022 on their respective solo projects. Their debut single dissolve was released on June 6, 2023.

Here are words about this particular single:

“I was in a moody headspace. I feel like so many times the past few years I’d find myself wasting the whole afternoon dreaming. I always imagined myself flying, but not controlled or graceful at all. in my head it was always like I was free falling through the sky. I wanted the wind to thrash my body around and whip my limbs and hair everywhere. Everytime i felt a sense of aimlessness id listen to Kokyū, and Lily quickly became my comfort music. Wake up, listen to the same album, go for a walk. Everyday felt vaguer than yesterday.”

I loved their little website that I revisited it again and again. What a nice source of inspiration for how artists can upgrade their press releases.

If you like shoegaze like my bloody valentine, you will definitely enjoy this track. I loved the heaviness of the song created by distorted guitars. Basically, I liked it for being a true shoegaze single. Also, the video was really great and I think it fits the vibe of the song very much. I have been listening to the song on repeat and getting lost in the melody. I am still finding the right terms to describe what makes shoegaze with me, but I am enjoying the emotions I am getting. Definitely check the video, the single, and the website, and follow the band on your preferred platform.

You can support the band on Bandcamp or Spotify.