Singles: Lonely Richard – Love Island // Receiver

I have shared music from Lonely Richard just recently and they are back with a new double single release. I have a dilemma about this post, should I put it under “album” section or “single” section? Do two singles make an EP and thus belongs to an “album”? Yes, it is not important, but I would still love to know, but I do not have a comments section here so you have to tell me on Instagram. But back to the music, last time I really enjoyed the EP, but these new singles are even better. The first one is more grungy, with heavier guitars in the background, and the second is more fast-paced with a catchy melody. Somehow both songs are bringing so much energy and for my lazy morning, they provided a good source. I feel more pumped just after listening to these two tracks. Somehow these singles are somehow bringing me back to my roots where music like this was in my ears nonstop. I am liking this nostalgic boost of energy.

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