Filip’s Quick Single Picks: okneighborhood, Fireball Kid, Steve Nguyen, Lili Joy

okneighborhood – Plank

Here are two quotes: “loft sound telling of love and heartache” (from submisison) and second: “Based in Fort Worth Texas, okneighborhood brings a meloncholy, nuanced and sometimes experimental sound that speaks to the vulnerability and hope that we all desire.” from label Damaged Halo Records’ website. I am not sure if the label is real thing or just a way to release your own music, but I am enjoying this lo-fi garage rock style of music coming from Texas. The song has really nice energy and I am liking the changes in the melody and the pace of the melody. A really cool track. You can find more on Spotify.

Fireball Kid – Asking You Out

“With ‘Asking You Out,’ I was putting words to a feeling that I’ve dove into time and time again: the sheer glee you experience right when you’ve decided to make a bad decision on purpose,” said Fireball Kid’s Colin Ratchford (he/him). “I’d been visiting home in the Maritimes for the holidays and realized that yes, I was going to revisit a messy fling from a summer past that would end in certain personal disaster.”

“Seeing every dumb idea past, present, and future spread out before my eyes at that moment, I had no choice but to laugh,” he said. “I think there’s joy in knowing you’re picking a rockier path but that there might be love somewhere down that path! And maybe you get hurt at the end but at least you saw some stuff and have something to talk about when you pop out the other side.”

I am sharing this video just for the fun of it, I loved how funnyit was and it made me laugh. This Canadian artists from NEw Brunswick now based in Montreal is making some catchy indie pop. Try playing this song and not singing along “asking you out”. Colin seems like a cool guy you would love to hang out with. I am loving this single will definitely check the new album which will be out in July. A great summer indie pop. You can find more on Spotify.

Steve Nguyen – Illuminarium

Steve Nguyen is a writer, director, and producer. His multimedia creative collective, Studio APA, revolves around music, film, television, as well as his personal art endeavors. His studio was built on the philosophy that the imagination is the most powerful tool at our disposal, and this sentiment flows through each and every one of his projects.” I have decided to give a try to lo-fi beats and I am working on a relax playlist. It has been really hard to focus for me past days and when my mind races I need track to slow down, to chill and just let myself float. Steve made such nice track that I decided to give it shout out and share it in our playlist. If you have tips for more relaxing music, they are always welcomed. You can find more muisc by Steve on Spotify.

Lili Joy – She

“My new music combines a cool mix into my songs by making indie pop songs that include some old-school jazz and modern alternative styles. When I write songs, I like to tell stories and create a journey that stays true to what peaks one’s ear.” I am wrapping up my recommendations with an indie pop track that is a nice addition to our other indie playlist I have been working on. I am liking Lili’s voice and the arrangments which are really nice. The atmosphere of the track is pretty chill and enough dreamy for me to fully enjoy. I will definitely check more music from here. You can find it on Spotify.