Video: Sign Crushes Motorist – I’m So Sorry (Demo)

Liam McCay (AKA Sign Crushes Motorist) and his brand of slowcore-influenced slacker rock has skyrocketed in popularity online over the last year or so, garnering millions of Spotify streams across multiple aliases and amassing a cult following within the realm of lo-fi music. He has recorded under an array of pseudonyms, including Birth Day, Take Care and Manta, but returns to the Sign Crushes Motorist name to release his follow-up to 2022’s “I’ll Be Okay.” This sophomore effort is sure to strike a chord with fans, and proves to be another excellent addition to the young musician’s growing catalogue.

Get a taste of what’s to come from the new Sign Crushes Motorist album, “Hurting”, with a demo version of one of the album’s tracks, “I’m So Sorry.” Pre-orders for vinyl and cassettes will be available from Gizzmoix (DE), Semi Collective Records (US), Hunkofplastic Records (UK) and Dying Dutchman (NL).

I have received this submission through Hunkofplastic Records, a label I carried in our distro and our little shop in Bratislava. You can preorder the newest album from Sign Crushes Motorist here via this link. The single is only available on youtube so far, no streaming yet. So you can listen to it via the lofi music video that suits the style of the song very much. The song sounds like a muffled dream that you are not able to fully decipher. I think the video creates the same atmosphere and I am really enjoying it.

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