Single: Duda Bertho – Addicted

I am a pure romantic, I am all about what makes feeling and falling in love enjoyable. I am also someone who enjoys music that gives you an experience and encourages you to visualise or feel in a deeper sense what the artist is trying to convey. It is this ability that allows us to resonate with music as much as we do and further keep it in our lives for a long time.

 Duda Bertho is on his way to becoming my favourite indie pop artist with his latest infectious love song “Addicted”. The gentle guitar strumming, dreamy synths and sweet melodic vocals are perfectly compatible with the simple lyrics about being enamoured with a love interest. The singer expresses his unreserved feelings with a sultry and mellow voice that I have grown to adore. The simplicity of the lyrics: I can’t get enough/I am addicted to your love/and nothing lies above encapsulates the ease one feels when they are in the early stages of falling in love and everything about the experience carries a sense of unadulterated happiness. 

Addicted is a stunningly minimal and straightforward track about the artist’s feelings for someone but it is so filled with love that it feels tangible. Bertho has a talent for creating soft uncluttered crescendos that embody his messages well. This single was the second out of two tracks released by Bertho on Spotify, following epiphany. This track is just as uncomplicated with lyrics that motivate listeners to stop overthinking their choices and to stop holding themselves back. 

I cannot wait to hear more from this refreshing artist.