Single: Very Many Horses – I Won’t Fall Far From Your Tree

Very Many Horses is the brainchild of UK based artists, Greg and Wes; who, despite only having two singles under their belt, appear to be a fully formed musical unit. It may be because of their close relationship, or the fact that they have worked together in years past, but their latest offering, ‘I Won’t Fall Far From Your Tree’ stands completely as an ode to their friendship. 

The song begins as a ballad, with vocals that are distinctly fragile, with comparisons to ANOHNI coming to mind. This swiftly shifts, as the drums pick up and guitars are distorted, clearly owing to the band member’s trust in each other. With little guitar runs and almost jazz-like drumming, the climax of ‘I Won’t Fall Far From Your Tree’, is a gloriously off-kilter moment that promises the band always has something in their bag of tricks. 

Keep your eyes out for the announcement of their debut album, of which they are currently hard at work on. If, Very Many Horses’ recent offering is even just a little indicative of what is next, then I for one cannot wait to hear what is coming.

Written by Callum Foulds