Single: Georgia Mulligan – Omissions

I shared a single from Georgia a long time ago, but she is back with a new track called Omissions.

“Unafraid to take bold musical risks and possessing a voice that will stop you in your tracks, ‘Omissions’ is unlike anything else you will hear this year.

Collaborating with producer Blain Cunneen, it showcases twisting guitar arpeggios, gorgeous textures and a haunting, hypnotic delivery.It’s her first release since 2021 and first since signing to Double Drummer Music.

Mulligan explains “This song is about miscommunication, among other things.

About wires, not only crossed but cut and rewired across years and the gulf of life experience – and of different experiences of life – of reality….

It is about the lies that we tell to ourselves and to those around us. What one person considers a lie is to another, simply an omission. We curate. We don’t always mean to deceive, but often, we do.”

Her voice is definitely her power and I am enjoying this female-fronted indie rock. We need more musicians like Georgia to get space on blogs or playlists and get the recognition they deserve. I am glad I could add a little post to the pool and help to get new listeners to this amazing Australian artist. I have been watching (hearing) more closely music coming from Australia and I am glad I have another female artist worth following from this country.

Also, do not forget to watch the beautifully made music video:

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