Single: Michael B Thomas – Test Tube Baby

For fans of the work of Alex G, Runnner and Elliott Smith, Leeds musician Thomas Barr (keys player in Eades) today announces his return under his Michael B Thomas pseudonym, with the release of new single “Test Tube Baby”, which finds Thomas musing (from experience) on what it means to be an IVF child.

“Produced by fellow Eades band member Harry Jordan, new single “Test Tube Baby” deftly toes the line between intimacy and widescreen cinematic appeal, with its titular subject matter [“She can’t conceive it / Got a one in three chance, to do it right”] backed by a warming dose of lush, shuffling folk rock.”

I wanted to share my excitement about a song that I recently discovered. It seems like fate that I stumbled upon it just as we were working on our new Elliot Smith cover compilation. The song has a beautiful classic style of songwriting that reminds me of some of my favorite lo-fi rockers like Elliot Smith and Alex G. The melody is so captivating that I find myself listening to it on repeat. The artist behind this song, Thomas, displays incredible craftsmanship and it’s a fantastic invitation to explore his discography. All in all, I’m thrilled to have discovered this gem and can’t wait to hear more from Thomas.

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