Single: Modern Cults – Inner Monologue

“Hi! My name is Ryan and I am creating music under the band name Modern Cults. My first single is an ear wormy pop tune called “Inner Monologue” and I have a debut full length on the way. Thanks for listening :)”

Upon first hearing this song, I was immediately struck by its undeniable coolness. With each subsequent listen, my appreciation for it only grew. The song’s infectious energy, catchy melody, and seamless blending of different genres make for a truly unique and enjoyable listening experience. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this track is one of the coolest pieces of music I have had the pleasure of encountering so far this year. I eagerly await the release of the full album and plan to give this particular song many more spins in order to fully immerse myself in its greatness. Just give it a try.

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