Single: Meagre Martin – Please Clap

“Meagre Martin is a Berlin-based indie music project founded by African-American musician/songwriter Sarah Martin (she/her) in the summer of 2021. Sarah is originally from Boston MA, but moved to Berlin Germany in the fall of 2017. Searching for meaning in a crumbling global climate, this project was created as a means of survival, and catharsis through uncertain times.

A few months into the project’s culmination, Freddy and Max joined the band to make a solid trio. Blending together elements of lo-fi and new-Americana, Meagre Martin is a culmination of experience rooted in healing, through lyricism that gives nostalgia new layers and expands grief’s potential.

Written by Ena Kantardžić “

This is an introduction to the music project and here is a little paragraph about the song:

Please Clap is a satirical take on feelings of inadequacy. The original inspiration for the song came from using performance as a means of connection and a way to feel seen. As the song was forming, a lyric Sarah was writing reminded her of a viral video from the 2016 US Presidential race of Jeb Bush giving a “rousing” speech, then having to ask his audience to “Please Clap”.Obviously, Sarah is no fan of the Bush family and everything they stand for, but she felt pity for the eldest son since he has always been overlooked throughout his career. Being the unseen second choice is something Sarah could relate to.”

I have shared a single from this artist before and I quite enjoyed it.

The new single is another indie rock gem and you will be soon singing along:

I just wanna be wanted.
Please clap now.

Sarah’s voice is so captivating and I can just close my eyes and leave her lead me. This is such a beautiful indie track and I am not surprised Alt J is taking them on tour in the USA.

Just start the track and get lost with me.

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