Video: Meagre Martin – All My Thoughts

“Meagre Martin is a Berlin-based indie music project founded by African-American musician/song-writer Sarah Martin (she/her) in the summer of 2021. Sarah is originally from Boston MA, but moved to Berlin Germany in the fall of 2017. Searching for meaning in a crumbling global climate, this project was created as a means of survival, and catharsis through uncertain times. A few months into the project’s culmination, Freddy and Max joined the band to make a solid trio. Blending together elements of lo-fi and new-Americana, Meagre Martin is a culmination of experience rooted in healing, through lyricism that gives nostalgia new layers and expands grief’s potential.”

My favorite music GoldFlakePaint is back and they premiered this song. Read about it here. I always admired how Tom put things into words. True music journalism. I have a lot to learn to be on the level as Tom, so if you want to read some quality reviews, click on the link above.

Today is German Day on my blog. I have already shared German-based duo kitsches and I am so happy to share another great artist based in Europe. I am really hoping to see more and more great indie bands from Europe. I think the scene can offer much more to the whole world. I am really enjoying the melody of this song, it captivates me so much. The rhythm is so catchy and I am hooked by the vocal parts as well. Once again I am a huge fan of the guitars in this one as well as well as the synths that sound a little bit like Beach House. Just start the track and I enjoy the beauty.

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